Diploma Instant Full Cream Milk Powder – 1Kg

Full Cream Milk Powder Premium Quality No need to refrigerate Simple and easy to use Add water for instant use Provides baking, ice-cream, desserts, etc Creamy, distinct flavor Packed with essential vitamins, minerals Calcium Vitamin D Phosphorous Potassium Vitamin A & B Iodine

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DIPLOMA Full Cream Milk Powder is enriched with vitamins and minerals which provides all the goodness of milk. The uniqueness of this milk powder is that it’s creaminess and distinct flavor makes any milk-based desserts tasty and delicious. Whenever any milkier, thicker and rich mouth feel dessert is considered, DIPLOMA comes first in the top of mind for preparing it.
DIPLOMA is a heritage brand of New Zealand dairy products Bangladesh limited which is serving as a trusted brand for more than 14 years. The mouthwatering and scrumptious DIPLOMA dessert is a hit at any party, festival or gathering which is why it is a reliable partner at every household for preparing desserts. Hence, if you want delectable, rich and sweet desserts, use DIPLOMA because nothing can beat it where taste is concerned.
DIPLOMA full cream milk powder is originated from Australia and made from selected cow’s pure and fresh milk which is the highest quality milk. It is nutritious for the whole family and convenient to prepare. It is available in the market in regular and instant format (with Soya lecithin). This can be used just like cow’s milk for preparation of any milk-based culinary items. It is also excellent as a straight drink.

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